Free Cello Rental

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Rudolph Stein

Free Cello Rental – Terms and Conditions

This offer is subject to availability.

For students that study with me in person, at my studio. This offer does not apply to online (virtual) lessons.

To qualify for a free cello rental, the student must, after the first free lesson, commit to four (4) 60 minute lessons or eight (8) 30 minute lessons. That’s a savings of at least a $45.00 a month!

If the student continues studying with Rudolph Stein, the free cello rental will continue up to three (3) months of lessons. After the three months, the student may continue to rent the cello at a discounted rate, if the cello was new at the start of the rental period, purchase the cello or a new cello from Rudolph Stein or provide his or her own cello.

The cello remains the property of Rudolph Stein for the duration of the rental agreement, and all terms and conditions must be maintained or the contract will be terminated.


The renter will be responsible for maintaining the good condition of the cello, including theft or damage, removal or damage of anything attached to the cello, and replacement of broken strings until the cello is returned. If the cello is damaged or stolen, Rudolph Stein reserves the right to retain the deposit, or a portion of the deposit, on the cello.

Rudolph Stein must perform all repairs.

A deposit fee, determined by the value of the cello, is also required. 100% of the deposit may be applied toward your future purchase or is refundable upon return of the cello.

I agree to these terms and conditions: