How To Choose The Right Size Cello

For Cello I suggest using the age chart below if your child is average in height. If the child is taller or shorter than the average for their age, simply compare them to that which is considered normal for their age group.

Cello Chart

Cello Size

Student Age

4/4 (Full Size)

12 year and older







Cello Sizing Tips:

Seat the child (or yourself) so that the knees are bent at a ninety degree angle. The instrument should rest such that the upper rim of the back of the cello body rests on the sternum (breast bone), and the inside of the left knee contacts the corner at the top of the lower bout (see parts of a cello). The C string (the lowest string) peg should be behind and below the left ear, with the neck a few inches above the shoulder, and the left hand able to travel the full length of the fingerboard with ease.