Basically there are 3 general categories of string instruments, this is a rough classification and I’m making this up off the top of my head. Here is a breakdown of those categories:

Beginning Student Instrument – Under $1000.00 (US)

These are instruments massed produced at a low cost. They vary in quality and workmanship and come from all over the world. Currently the most aggressive manufacturers are coming out of China. I have found a few cellos that are of high enough quality to produce a good sound, respond well and most importantly, not hinder the progression of the student’s study. Click here for more information.

Intermediate Student Instrument – From $1000.00 to $20,000.00

The instruments are all hand made. They generally sound fuller and project more. They can be from shops that have multiple craftsman who work on different areas of the instrument. They can even be from a single, lesser-known maker. These also come from all over the world. These instruments are for students who are serious about their studies and may even want to pursue a career in music, or simply have a lot of money!

Professional Instruments – Over $20,000.00

These instrument are primarily made by a single better-known or well-known luthier  (the fancy name for maker or repairman).

These dollar figures are somewhat arbitrary. I’ve played instruments priced in the thousands that are no better than instruments that are priced in the hundreds. I’ve played instruments priced in the tens of thousands that sound better then some instruments that are priced in the hundred of thousands.

Below are a some links to instruments I have found for my students. I am always on the lookout for good, inexpensive instruments to recommend. If you have any recommendations, let me know here.

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Recommended Cellos Under $20,000.00

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Recommended Cellos Over $20,000.00

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