Electric Cello or Acoustic Cello?


I’m interested in purchasing a good cello for myself. It has been over 50 years that I once played the cello in my grammar school orchestra. I currently play an electric bass guitar in my church praise band. I was considering purchasing an electric cello. What are your thoughts regarding purchasing a standard cello verses an electric cello?


Acoustic or electric? It mostly depends on where and with whom you will be playing. If you will be only playing with your praise band, I think the electric would be a good choice. If you will be playing with other acoustic string instruments, an acoustic cello will make it easier to blend with the group. As far as specific recommendations, I don’t own an electric cello but I know a few professional cellists who own the Yamaha electric cello and are very pleased. I do know the Cecilio company and their acoustic cellos. I find them to give a good value for the money. I read reviews for the Cecilio electric cello and many of the issues are the same for their acoustic cellos. You can read about some of the common issues here.
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