Wood Bows and Carbon Fiber Bows


What are the differences between a carbon fiber bow and a wooden bow while playing?


Carbon fiber bows are extremely durable, almost indestructible. This makes them great for students and outdoor playing. I have found some carbon fiber bows can have a quick response for staccato and a decent bounce for the Spiccato and Sautillé strokes. The main difference I’ve found between the two type of bows is the sound. I haven’t found a carbon fiber bow that can surpass, let alone equal, the deep, warm and round sound of a pernambuco wood bow. Unfortunately a very good pernambuco wood bow can cost thousands of dollars and even tens of thousands. So, if you are looking for a bow to take you to the next step in you or your child’s playing and you are looking for a very good pernambuco wood bow, I suggest you bring someone along to look at bows who has the experience or ask your teacher to provide this service.
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